Maldives Underwater Kingdom: colourful tropical sea life

Discover the Maldives undersea kingdom, a snorkelling as well as diving heaven with remarkably clear azure water and also a wealth of exotic seal life consisting of turtles, Blacktip Reef Sharks, Oriental Sweetlip, the Ribboned sweetlips as well as the Orange Spine Unicorn Fish.

The Oriental Sweetlip or Plectorhinchus orientalis, are frequently located in the Indo-Pacific waters on external coral reefs generally in teams. Grownups dimension generally increase to 50 centimeters and also are conveniently identified by the candy striped pattern.

The yellow Ribboned sweetlips or Plectorhinchus polytaenia, is a types of grunt belonging to the Indian Ocean and also the western Pacific Ocean, where they can be discovered on reef at midsts from 5 to 40 m (16 to 131 feet). This varieties can get to 50 centimeters (20 in) in TL with black red stripes as Juveniles and also with red stripes ending up being extra yellow as they age, which aid them mix right into the reefs in which they live.

The Orange Spine Unicorn fish or Naso literatus, Lives on superficial internal as well as external coral reef crests as well as inclines. They prevail in the Indo-Pacific area, particularly in the Maldives as well as van be conveniently determined by the brilliant orange spinal columns on the tail.

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