Looking For The Best places to swim with sharks?

Sharks are pretty scary creatures but despite this we seem to be drawn to them. Take a look where you can find them! This article is by

(CNN)Megalodon may be extinct, but other sharks have been making headlines lately.

There’s the viral photo of a man who climbed inside the shark he killed; there have been stories on attacks on swimmers; and, of course, much has been said about our favorite D-List movie we haven’t seen yet.
But in spite of the extreme news and gory pop culture references, swimming with sharks continues to be a large and growing activity.
The global shark tourism industry makes an estimated $500 million a year, says Patric Douglas, founder of Shark Divers and a shark dive specialist based in California.
Many tout swimming with sharks as one of the greatest diving experiences to be had.
Depending on the diver’s comfort level, options range from observing sharks from underwater cages to participating in feedings.
Here’s where to do it.


Oahu, Hawaii
Hawaii Shark Encounter
Hawaii is home to more than 40 species of sharks ranging from small deep-water pygmy sharks to bus-sized whale sharks.
Common sightings include reef sharks, sandbar sharks and hammerheads.
At Hawaii Shark Encounter off the shore of Oahu, divers can observe sharks from the safety of a cage.
Guests use a snorkel, so no diving experience is necessary.
The polyglass pane on the sides allows divers to safely rub noses with sharks that bump the cage.

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