Ghostly Sunken Cruise Ship Forced From Underwater, and the Inside Is REALLY Creepy

Another Day in Paradise

It was just another big luxury style cruise liner back in 2012. It carried 4,200 passengers and it launched from the Italian port of Civitavecchia. But on January 13th of that same year, the Costa Concordia would end up becoming a horrible scene of devastation and disaster. Matter of fact it was the worst maritime disaster since WWII, that Italy has had.

A Once Glamorous Theater

The Costa Concordia sinking was the largest passenger ship that has ever been wrecked, even bigger than The Titanic. The reason for the disaster was a combination of errors from the crew and the captain. 32 people died as a result.

The ship ended up just floating around in total ruins, right off the coast for the years to follow. A salvaging company finally bought it and is now trying to prevent decay from taking place in the liner.

A Coast Salute Goes Horribly Awry

So how did things go so horribly wrong, leading to the sinking of this enormous ship? First, the Captain had ordered the liner to sail close to an island called Giglio as some sort of salute. This was only hours after setting sail. Because the ship was sailing way too fast, not to mention too close to shore, it ended up nailing a rock which caused the boat to tilt due to the gash created. The engine rooms became flooded and power to ship was being lost quickly.

Abandoned Control Room

Now Captain Schettino made his second poor judgment call. From the control room, he oversaw an evacuation process which was chaotic and mistakes were made left and right. Due to his gross incompetence, Captain Schettino was charged with manslaughter and ultimately sentenced to prison for 16 years.

A Waking Nightmare

Since this horrible disaster happened only a few hours after they had set sail, many of the beds were made and unslept in. They would remain like this for years.

Decaying Slot Machines

Due to the total incompetent behavior by the captain and crew, the passengers took matters into their own hands and called local Italian police, informing them of what was going on, and that it was much more than a simple blackout as they were being told by those in charge. Finally, the captain did call the Coast Guard for help, but by this time, the damage was done and too much time had gone by.

‘Exactly Like the Scene in ‘Titanic”

The ship was tilted at 80 degrees. The survivors of the disaster could only relate the entirety of the scene to that of a horrible movie. One passenger, Joan Fleser, related the scene to the movie Titanic by saying the following: Dishes went flying. Waiters went flying all over. Glasses were flying. Exactly like the scene in Titanic.

Abandon Ship

After all the faulty behavior of the captain, he added insult to injury by actually abandoning the ship at midnight with his second master, while 300 passengers and crew remained, left to fend for themselves. This put the nail in the coffin as far as Captain Schettinos arrest and eventual prison sentence after 32 people perished.

Coast Guard member Cosma Scaramella talked to Vanity Fair about the Captains role in the disaster, “This…is an infamy. To abandon women and children, its like a doctor who abandons his patients.

Tossing and Turning All Night

The Costa Concordia went from a luxury ship to a creepy shipwreck. What remains resemble something like the set of a horror film. A far cry from the grandiose nature that this ship once boasted.

Eerie Reminders

Survival stories flourish regarding this horrific night. The images now captured are reminders of how, within only a few hours, memories of a beautiful vacation beginning, can quickly turn into a sudden and horrific ending.

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